My best friend

My best friend:

Struggled to get my attention as a kid, but never holds that against me.

Doesn’t judge me or anyone else for what we say or do.

Is proud of who they are and doesn’t try and be something they’re not.

Doesn’t care for money, status or fame (after-all, money is just a story).

Is always open and honest.

Never interrupts me.

Isn’t concerned how they look (but looks good in leather).

Is full of ideas; some crazy and some decent.

Keeps secrets.

Is always there whenever I need.

Smells good (don’t be weird about it).

Likes to be held (no seriously, don’t be weird).

Comes in all different shapes and sizes (wait, what?).

My best friend is my notepad. And we can all learn a thing or two from it.

My best friend
Don’t pretend like you don’t smell your notepad too…

One thought on “My best friend

  1. So very true…
    Figured you were up to something when you added the don’t be creepy parts in there! Hahahaha
    Love it 🙂 Keep pushing yourself. Coincidentally, even after altMBA10 – I am still writing away in my notebook instead of places people can find iti! 🙁

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