What do CCs have in common with ANTs?

There are two types of people:

  1. Those who get home from work and immediately don their comfy clothes (let’s call these people CCs).
  2. Those who sit around the house in their work clothes like it ain’t no thing (we’ll call them ANTs).


CCs cannot get changed quick enough. You’ll find them unbuttoning their shirts and untying their shoes as they approach the front door. Once inside, they’ll tear off these suffocating, uncomfortable clothes as if possessed by some kind of clothing devil and throw them into a pile on the floor.

Removing their work clothes is a signal for them that their work day is over and that ‘me’ time has begun. They’ll reach for their oldest, paint stained and ill-fitting jumper and pants combo and immediately disconnect from the day. CCs are of the opinion you can’t possibly worry about that work tender or conflict when in your favourite Adidas three stripe track pants. So the key is to get into them ASAP.

At this point in the day, it’s fair to say CCs have given up. They no longer care what anyone thinks of their appearance and prioritise comfort before all else.

As much as possible they’ll seek to bunker down inside the comfort of their four walls, refusing to leave the house. However, it’s not uncommon to spot the odd CC moping around in the supermarket aisles during the week, grabbing an onion or forgotten stray vegetable for dinner.

This guy… Vintage CC


The other half would sleep in their work clothes if given the choice. ANTs have no issues unwinding in the very same clothes they dressed in 12 hours prior. These people pick practicality and efficiency over comfort and relaxability (yeah, I just made up a word).

ANTs believe getting changed after work is a waste of time and effort and are more likely to be seen enthusiastically preparing dinner within minutes of entering the house or lazing on the couch in their best suit. 


An ANT in his natural habitat… Seriously, how can that be comfortable?

It’s not that they’re trying to impress anyone, but rather they don’t see the point of getting changed into yet another outfit they’ll just remove before bed. (Note- I lived with an ANT for over 5 years and could count the number of times I saw him remove his work boots on one hand).

So what’s the point of this detailed and comprehensive academic analysis of human behaviour? Well, it was intended as a light hearted exercise in empathy. Remember that everyone is irrational and in order to try and understand why people behave the way they do, we must first walk in their shoes.

But, as Seth Godin says, “empathy is difficult”.

Perhaps this is because some men just want to watch the world burn. In this case, the men (and women) in question are ANTs, laying on their couch in a tuxedo or dress.

6 thoughts on “What do CCs have in common with ANTs?

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. Great read Peter, I love the depths you go to in an effort to discuss rarely written about topics. Just for the record, I’m an ANT!

  2. This is gold! Trackie daks and uggs (before they were a fashion item) asap. And I work from home. ha!

    I was just in Chicago with my wife. Sitting outside waiting for a table for breakfast. There must have been 8-10 people all suited up for work, business shoes / heels, brief case / purse over the shoulder, riding to the office on rental Divvy bikes. Created a disconnect for sure.

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