Five AM

There’s nothing like 5am
Not a movement or sound
A break from the usual mayhem
Where the best ideas are found

Just you and your brain
And that voice inside your head
But you ignore it
And focus on being present instead

You listen to your breath
And you count to ten
You reach for your notepad
And you grab your pen

In, out
In, out
Clear head
Ignore the doubt

You scribble and you write
Without fear or distraction
Underneath the lamp light
You ignore the voice of inaction

Here it’s just you
In this blissful place
Nothing to do
Except enjoy the head space

In, out
In, out
Clear head
Ignore the doubt

NB: I struggled with what to muse about today. In the end, I went through an old notepad and found the above scribbles. It’s far from perfect and certainly not for everyone, but it’s something.

Sometimes just shipping something is the most important thing.