5 Podcasts from 2017 everyone should listen to


That’s the number of podcasts I listened to in 2017.

Yep, my life really is that exciting. And yep, I counted. 

In my defence, this medium along with Audiobooks has replaced TV. Now, instead of getting home after a huge day of sitting down behind a screen, I don’t sit down and turn on yet another screen. Instead, I’ll slip into my comfy clothes*, fire-up the Podcast app and get my nerd on. I’ve also trained myself like a ninja to listen in 1.5X and even 2X speed to really up the ante in podcast binging. 

*I’m a CC afterall.

And now here we are. That time of year where people start writing their “best something of 2017” lists, or “673 reasons 2018 will be your best ever yet”.

And yes, that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

But before dropping just another list on ya’ll I wanted to build some cred. I mean, 257 is a sh!tload of podcasts, right? At the very least, this context should give you the opportunity to laugh at me again. Like I said, my life is really THAT exciting. 

So without further ado here are 5 podcasts from 2017 that everyone should listen to:

Tim Ferriss Podcast Episode #219 – Adam Robinson
Some of my favourite podcasts are interviews with people I’ve never heard of. This is one such podcast.

Adam Robinson is quirky, incredibly intelligent and full of interesting perspectives. His stories of meeting Warren Buffett are fascinating, his honesty in talking about depression is refreshing and his joke “a gambler walks into a bar” is worth every minute of this long and insightful conversation (it’s at 1:36.00).

Joe Rogan #1037 – Chris Kresser
Kresser falls into the same category as Robinson, in that I had no idea who he was before listening. Then he proceeded to blow my mind with his knowledge and stories of the health industry and research surrounding it.

The more he talks about this industry, the more you start to realise just how deep the healthcare problems go (particularly if you’re in America). The first 15min alone could be a standalone mind-expanding podcast on chronic disease… That is, once you fast forward through the longwinded intro and advertisements (about 5min worth).

S town – Chapter 1
Okay, so I wanted to list the entire S Town Series right here. BUT I limited myself to 5 recommendations. So instead, I suggest starting with the first episode (a groundbreaking recommendation, that).

This thrilling true crime podcast is, in my opinion, second to only Serial in its level of intrigue and ability to captivate the listener. Basically, a reporter gets asked to investigate the son of a wealthy family in the middle of nowhere, America. What happens next is entirely unpredictable, shocking and will leave you muttering to yourself “this surely cannot be a real place.” My bet is you’ll binge through all 7 episodes in 24-48 hours #sorrynotsorry. 

CrossFit Podcast Ep 17.01: Greg Glassman

And THERE IT IS. After almost 40 blog posts, the secret is finally out: I’m a Crossfit w@nker. But, in my defence, I try not to talk about it. AND, before you judge, do yourself a favour and listen to this podcast from the Founder and CEO.

It’s pretty rough and raw, and there’s no intro music, ads or any introduction whatsoever. But it’s a great interview which cuts to the core of what Crossfit is really about: treating chronic disease. Not many people realise that’s the purpose of Crossfit.

Unlike most other gyms it’s not about making money, taking selfies in mirrors or being the next Globo Gym. So I don’t care how much of a w@nker you think Crossfitters are (and yeah, we have our moments) this is worth listening to.

Tim Ferriss Podcast – Terry Crews

Remember this guy?! THAT’S Terry Crews!

This podcast is, as Terry says multiple times, “wild”. It’s honest, emotional and hilarious.

I snuck in a listen right before NYE and then proceeded to listen to it immediately afterwards, such is the quality of wisdom and content in this interview. This guy has done it all, from Art School to NFL, to Hollywood and, randomly, even Furniture Design. He also talks a lot. As his wife says he basically “interviews himself.”

Now download these bad boys, untangle those headphones (or bust out those weird looking Airpods) and go forth!

Note: If you’re enjoying A bird’s eye view and my random musings what’s wrong with you? thank you. Sincerely. 

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