How Celine Dion can inspire change


We take them every day without a second thought.

They’re always the same format and usually at the same time. They’re safe, warm and they give us comfort.

We climb inside a small, waterproof telephone box and go through the motions.

We stare at the tiles, grab the soap and bust out some Celine Dion.

We don’t experiment. We simply use them the same way we always have. Because that’s what we do. And that’s what we’ve always done. No point in trying something new.

And so what about outdoor showers?

They have no walls, no fans, and no heat lights.

Out here in the garden, we’re presented with the sounds of birds singing and trees rustling.

There’s room to stretch and room to dance.

We feel a gentle breeze blowing and the warmth of the sun beaming down on our skin.

And there’s an element of risk and thrill to it.

The thrill that we might get caught. The thrill that the neighbour might see. The thrill that our housemate comes home early.

A small risk. But a risk nonetheless. Because they’re different. Because they challenge the norm.

These bad boys bust open the frame of a traditional shower. They’re disruptors.

The point?

We all need more outdoor showers in our life.

More experiments, more change, more risks and yes, less Celine Dion.

So the next time you go to the same recurring meeting, do the same monotonous workout or use the same Powerpoint template for a presentation ask yourself: how might I turn this into an outdoor shower?

Take a risk and have an outdoor shower.