What passionfruit, The Boss and Hot Chocolate have in common

Here’s a question that’ll get your heart racing*.

What is something you believe to be true that most people don’t agree with?

It was popularised (and slightly bastardised) from Peter Thiel’s book and is undoubtedly a juicy one.

Juicy because it forces you to pause, break your usual ‘safe’ train of thought, think creatively and then bravely make an assertion.

But it’s also delicious. Like a fresh passionfruit on a hot summers day. Mmm passionfruit. 

Delicious because to make such an assertion is to spark a conversation. To spark a change. To spark enrollment in your idea.

And as The Boss says, “you can’t start a fire without a spark.”

So in the interests of going first, here are a handful of my responses to said question:

  • I believe every single person should write every single day.
  • I believe curiosity definitely did not kill the cat. That to be curious is to be generous. And to be generous is just about the greatest gift you can give.
  • I believe no-one behaves irrationally.
  • I believe most people could benefit from watching and reading less mainstream ‘news’.
  • I believe overconsumption of sugar is one of the biggest threats to humanity in the next 20 years.
  • I believe everyone already has the answer to that problem in their head, they just need help getting it out.
  • I believe you should shower with cold water not hot (yes, again with the shower references).
  • I believe Hot Chocolate know what’s up

Now over to you…

*Assuming you too sit down on a Sunday night trawling through page after page of your favourite questions… What? You don’t? Oh, nah, me neither.