What thrashing looks like

What do you do when you’re exhausted, feel like you have nothing to say and can’t be bothered writing?

You scroll through Instagram, obviously.

Then clean your room.

Then tidy your desk.

And when you’ve done all that and you realise your blog won’t write itself? You force yourself to write anyway.

Anything. It doesn’t matter what. You just write.

And if you keep writing for long enough, an idea might arrive. A thought might pop up. A thread might dangle down.

And if you pull that thread you might realise that:

If it was easy to do creative work consistently then everyone would do creative work consistently.

Just like if it was easy to get fit, strong and healthy, then everyone would be fit, strong and healthy.

As it turns out the hard part is consistency.

Because being consistent means we must do the work when we can’t be bothered.

When we’re tired. When we’re ‘busy’. When the voices of doubt and procrastination are real.

When all we want to do is give up and go and eat cake.

But today isn’t the day for cake.

And so we must do the work anyway, even if it feels thrashy, imperfect and of no value.

Chances are if we thrash for long enough something will emerge that’s worth sharing.

The rest you can simply put a line through.