The thing about sunrise

Is whenever we witness it, we feel like we achieved something rare and mystical.

As if we’ve spotted a wild panda, David Attenborough style.

We stare in amazement at the rich colours of the sky and pat ourselves on the back.

We proceed to take copious amounts of photos and proudly plaster them all over social media to make sure everyone knows I witnessed sunrise” along with the hashtags #sunrise #instagood #cloudporn (guilty).

Everyone has a special memory of a sunrise they experienced.

And yet, is there anything more common and reliable than a sunrise? It happens every day, at roughly the same time, no matter where you are in the world.

There are no surprises and it really isn’t a rare occurrence. 

So why do we make it so?

And what else brings us joy that is easily available to us and we take for granted? What else do we marvel at when we experience it, but so rarely seek out?

I’ll start:

  • A good book
  • A mind-expanding course 
  • A long walk
  • A thought-provoking podcast
  • A swim in the ocean
  • An uninterrupted conversation

What else?