Is most commonly thought of as the act of sending something to at least one other person via mail or courier.

Maybe it’s sending thank you cards to multiple loved ones, some lego to your niece for her birthday or, on the flip side, receiving the overpriced stainless steel Japanese pouring kettle that you convinced yourself you needed in lockdown.

In all cases someone intentionally (and usually generously) sends something to another person.

This posture of generous shipping is also true of great leaders, changemakers and creatives. They make a habit of sharing something they’ve created.

It could be a blog post, podcast episode or new business.

It might be an email, website or a song.

Perhaps it’s a video, an idea or some feedback.

This kind of shipping can be hard.

It’s hard because it invites feedback and puts us on the hook. It requires us to have thought “I’m sharing this with you because…”

It’s also the only way to create change.

All the planning, preparation, tinkering and perfecting can only get you so far. At some point, you have to ship.

Knowing that, it might be worth making shipping part of our daily routine.

Consider: what you might ship in the next 24 hours?

PS. I can go first.

The brilliant Jen Waldman and I just shipped The Big Ideas Lab.

It’s an intensive 6-week workshop for people with changemaking ideas to learn the skills, tools, and techniques for creating and delivering high-impact content.

Check it out as it might just be for you. Yeah, you.