Lessons from a 20 times bestselling author

After 119 episodes of recording our podcast, The Long and The Short Of It, with just the two of us, Jen Waldman and I decided it would be fun to have a conversation with a guest.

Enter, Seth Godin. 20 times best selling author (yes, you read that right), teacher, creative genius and keen noodler.

We talked about his latest book The Practice, why he’s an imposter, writing and leaders who make change (that’s you).

Here are just some of the mic drop moments from the Episode:

“When I write about things that are happening in the world, I try really hard not to write something that only makes sense today.”

“I don’t think boundaries are a practice, I think they enable practices.”

“If I don’t feel like an imposter, then I’m not trying hard enough.”

Seth Godin

You can tune in over here or wherever you get your podcasts.