Hiding places

When it comes to hiding from discomfort, I can mix it with the best of them.

Whether it’s sitting down to write this blog (meta), deciding to propose a new idea/project, recording an episode of The Long and The Short Of It, reaching out to a friend, asking a favour, having a difficult conversation, getting feedback on something, giving feedback on something or >insert any creative task that requires emotional labour and leadership< I have my fair share of hiding places.

My bet is you do too and that it might be helpful for us to name them.

So here are a handful of my favourite places to hide, as observed over the last week:

  • In spreadsheets (maybe I could add another VLOOKUP or trend chart?)
  • On social media (*scrolls aimlessly*)
  • In email and Slack (Once I’m at Inbox 0, then I’ll be ready)
  • Checking the weather (I wonder what the forecast is for next Tuesday?)
  • Listening to (another) podcast (Maybe this guest can provide the nudge I need)
  • Tidying my desk (The notepad is a little crooked)
  • Tidying my desktop (Surely there’s a better way for me to arrange the 3 icons on my desktop)
  • Window shopping online (Let me add all these things I don’t need to my cart, then close the window without buying anything)

Looking back at your last week, where have you hid? And what might happen if you made an intentional effort to avoid these places, even just by 10%?