Conflicting advice and what it teaches us

Avoid pitching, instead be so good people are lining up to work with you.

Always be pitching, it helps you be comfortable pitching and is the quickest way to find people who will say yes.

Work smarter, 4 day (or hour) work weeks and take control of your time.

Hustle harder, 7 day work weeks to get an advantage on everyone else.

Build a large team, it helps scale your vision and impact.

Avoid building a team, it complicates and distracts you.

Get everyone into the office ASAP, we work better when connected face to face.

Let your people work from wherever they want, flexibility and choice matters most.

Don’t quit your job, have creative pursuits on the side that fuel you.

Quit your job, turn your creative pursuit into your income stream.

Say yes to everything, you never know where something might lead.

Only say yes to things that are a full body yes, spend your time and energy where you want to.

Smooth peanut butter is superior, it’s easier to spread.

Crunchy peanut butter is superior, it tastes like peanut butter should.

On and on it goes.

My takeaway is that there is no one ‘right’ answer to leading and creating change.

We’re all just making it up as we go based on the resources we have, the stories we tell ourselves and, perhaps most importantly, the fears that underpin them.

Of course, if this takeaway is true then it’s unlikely the only one… #meta