The right time

It’s never the right time to:

  • Start that side business
  • Sign up to that gym
  • Write that blog
  • Quit that job
  • Study that course
  • Go on that holiday
  • Go for that run
  • Go and visit that friend
  • Record that podcast
  • Read that book
  • Thank that person
  • Say sorry to that other person
  • End that friendship
  • Start that friendship

Between sleep, work, exercise, reading, relationships, friends, family, holidays, study and relaxing there’s so much to do that it’s never the right time.

But if there are things we really want to do, then it’s always the right time.

So stop waiting. Start right now. Get out of your own way. And don’t look back (you’ll only see sunk costs).

And yes, that includes you 2metre.