Why video conferencing is more powerful than a face to face meeting

Video conferencing is more powerful than a face to face meeting. 

There, I said it.

But I guess you knew I was going to say that given the title of this post.

I’m not talking about those out of sync Skype calls with a 13 second delay, meaning you keep interrupting one another.

I’m definitely not talking about those awkward FaceTime calls from your Dad where you end up watching video of his hairy ear as he’s forgotten it’s a video call.

I’m talking specifically about Zoom video conferencing. Think of it as kinda like Skype, only it works. And no, I have absolutely no affiliation with them.

There’s this secret mystical power within Zoom. You always seem to leave a call energised, inspired and connected. They’re almost always productive and almost always pleasant and, frankly, fun.

I’ve been wrestling with why this is the case and I think it comes down to the fact that everyone is genuinely present and actively listening on a Zoom call.

No-one wants to be seen picking up their phone. No-one wants to be seen browsing other websites (you can tell). And no-one wants to be seen picking their nose.

What we have is completely mindful communication.

Regardless of how many people are on the call (I’ve been on Zoom calls with over 60 people) simply set the rule: one person talks at a time, while everyone else sits on mute.

Then sit back and let it flow.

What happens is pretty remarkable. People listen. Actively. They nod their heads in agreement. Or tilt their head to the side as they comprehend that mind-blowing insight someone just had.

Oh, and did I mention there’s almost never any interruptions?

Imagine that; A meeting without interruptions or distractions.

A conversation without someone picking up their phone to refresh their email, text someone else, check Twitter, swipe right, ‘gram it, or change the outfit on their bitmoji*. 

What a novelty.

*I mean, have you seen the latest Winter Olympic themed options?