Ogres, onions and Dilbert comics

Have you ever had a moment where you discover someone has put into words a concept you’ve been aware of your whole life but had no idea how to articulate?

If you’re anything like me, that’d be Rule #6, taken from The Art of Possibility.

“Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.”

Stare at these words long enough, and you might start to see the many layers of brilliance that comes from these 6 words.

That is to say: If Rule #6 were a character in Shrek, it would be an Ogre. Or an onion. Or maybe a cake?

Layer #1: it encourages individuality and non-judgement

What’s that, you like to do have the volume on even numbers? Or switch off unused powerpoints? Or maybe you’re petrified of heights despite being 6 foot 7? Nah, me neither.

But everyone is weird. So stop taking yourself seriously and just embrace it.

Layer #2: it promotes laughter and the ridiculous. In all parts of life

Which is especially important in a work context where seriousness is often at an all-time high and being “busy and important” is viewed as a critical to your everyday.

Layer #3: it strips away archaic notions of hierarchy, power and status

Because, #realtalk, loyalty and respect come from your ability to connect, share and laugh with others, not from the title on your business card.

Oh, haven’t you heard? We’re no longer in the industrial economy.

“The connection economy rewards value created by building relationships and fostering connections, rather than assets and “stuff,” like the industrial economy.”

Layer #4: it can guide you through overwhelm and stress

Worried about having too many things to do? Or that talk you have to give next week? Or maybe you’re stressed that someone will recognise the fact you’ve worn the same pants 3 days in a row?

Stop taking yourself so damn seriously.

We all have that pair of pants. No-one cares.

Layer #5: it triggers random acts of kindness

Because by not taking yourself seriously, you can stop focussing on what others think of you and instead focus on how you might add value to someone else’s day.

Layer #6: the core

When it comes down to it, this is a rule in understanding that we’re all uniquely quirky as much as we’re all walking flaws.

It’s a rule about being less selfish, more human and embracing hilarious gifs. Lots and lots of gifs.


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