Just like me

I bet you can think of someone who is different from you.

Maybe they drink deconstructed flat whites and you’re a ‘erbal tea person,
Maybe they have a small human to take care of, and you’re struggling to just look after yourself.
Maybe they have 10k Instagram followers, and you’re over here trying to figure out what a “boomerang” is.
Maybe they have a different perspective on religion than you.
Maybe they voted for a party who stands for something you can’t fathom.

Differences are everywhere.

Too much emphasis on them creates divide. 

This, in turn, stifles progress. 

So what if, instead, we pause to focus on what we might have in common with this person?

To explore where we might stand side by side?

Where we might be the same?

A useful frame for this is “just like me”.

Just like me, the black coffee drinker enjoys the simple sensation of a hot drink to start their day.
Just like me, the parent is making it up as she goes.
Just like me, the Instagram sensation is paranoid about what others think of them.
Just like me, the religious friend is seeking connection and purpose.
Just like me, the voter wants what he believes is in the best interests of our country.

Notice the difference?

By seeking to understand how we’re similar, we open the door for connection.

And isn’t that what we all crave?