An equation to rival Pythagoras

Sonder + empathy = connection.

It need not be any more complicated and is worth reemphasising: 

In order to truly connect with someone such as a boss, friend or foe, we must realise they live a life as rich and complex as we do. They too have ambitions, goals and dreams. They too have insecurities, fears and flaws.

Upon accepting this, we must then seek to understand what it might be like to walk in their shoes. We must be curious. We must ask questions.

What are they afraid of? Why are they right to believe what they believe? Why are they right to behave the way they behave? Why are they right to say what they say?

Sonder + empathy = connection.

That’s it.

For those maths haters who prefer a memorable catchphrase, I got you covered. It really boils down to this:

Seek to understand.  

Happy New Year legends.

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