Five things the X-Men can teach us about culture

(And no, you don’t need to know much about the movies).

1. We’re all weird mutants on some level

So let’s stop pretending we’re not.

Whether you’re scared of phone calls (guilty), have webbed feet or are obsessed with putting everything on a to-do list, you’re definitely weird (and so is the ability to turn blue).

2. We all have superpowers

Sure, you might not be able to produce razor-sharp blades from your knuckles like Wolverine, but you definitely have a superpower. Maybe it’s your sense of humour, ability to listen or craft at thinking creatively.

Best figure out what it is so you can use it for good. For help, see here.

3. We’re all driven by fear, doubt and insecurity

Each member of the X-Men is fundamentally flawed and crippled by moments of fear, doubt and insecurity.

They struggle to feel like they belong (they’re mutants, after all), wish they could change parts of themselves (both physically and emotionally) and are constantly wrestling with imposter syndrome…

Sound familiar?

4. Empathy is the ultimate superpower

Ultimately, it’s the ability of the X-Men to understand each other that brings them so close together.

They’re able to ‘see’ one another and understand what it might be like to walk in another’s shoes in a way most teams chose not to. Superpowers, fears, doubts and all.

5. We can create spaces where all of this is acknowledged and celebrated 

Bringing this all together, it’s worth considering:

What if we created more places like the X-Mansion, where all we had to do was show up as ourselves, superpowers, flaws and all? Where there was no need to posture or pretend like we’re perfect?

What if we treated each day as an opportunity to learn something?

What if we were constantly supported by a team of like-minded humans (mutants), who were curious and empathetic? Who sought to understand what it might be like to walk in our shoes so that they can best leverage our unique strengths to solve problems?

I guess we could also learn how to exit a pool like this…