A story of abundance

I recently heard a story that reframed the noodles in my head quicker than any other.

There was a group of tourists out on a raft, lost off the coast of Brazil.

They’d been out there for hours in the sweltering hot sun and had run out of food and water.

They were panicking, arguing and bickering about what to do.

Eventually they all perished.

The most tragic part? The water they were floating on turned out to be fresh.

That they were surrounded by everything they needed.

And the same can be said of anyone reading this.

That we’re surrounded by joy, laughter and love.

We’re surrounded by generosity, empathy and compassion.

We’re surrounded by truly amazing people, doing truly amazing things.

We need only choose to look for it, to see it and to acknowledge it.

Group of people on a raft