Showing up

This week Jen Waldman and I released the 100th episode of our Podcast, The Long and The Short Of It.

100 weeks in a row we have recorded a conversation at least one of us believes is worth sharing.

100 weeks in a row we have felt the doubt, insecurity and fear that comes with releasing something to the world for others to consume.

100 weeks in a row we have shown up.

At times it’s felt easy as if we’re running downhill with the wind behind us.

Other times it’s felt painstakingly hard like when you put too much peanut butter in your mouth and wonder if you’ll ever be able to breathe again (an almost daily occurrence in my house).

We’ve learned that people love height jokes, contrasting accents and a really juicy question.

Most importantly we’ve learned that showing up consistently builds connection, trust and momentum.

It’s also one of the few things we actually have control over.

Knowing that it’s worth considering: how and where am I showing up?

This is The Long and The Short Of It. Thanks to everyone who’s tuned in.