Pour over coffee

Requires precision, patience and careful attention.

You have to boil the water before wetting the paper filter.

Measure and weigh the right amount of coffee into the damp filter (15g for one cup).

Then, gently pour 30-40g of water at a time, allowing the coffee to ‘bloom’, until you have 250g of delicious liquid gold.

It’s a slow, gentle process that does not benefit from being rushed, or optimised.

A process that is well worth the effort with a coffee that ends up smooth and full of flavour.

It makes me wonder:

Where else is the same rule true?

Where might we slow down?

What if we practiced precision, patience and careful attention in our work and with our teams?

Might that change the frantic energy many are feeling in this moment?

NB: Contrary to popular belief manicured beards and/or tattoos are optional in the process of making a delicious cup of pour over.