21 Questions for 2021

If the last post wasn’t enough here are 21 more questions for you leaders and changemakers who love to reflect this time of year:

  1. How do I want to show up?
  2. Who will I help and serve?
  3. What does success look like?
  4. How might I cultivate a clear mind?
  5. How might I cultivate a healthy body?
  6. How might I cultivate a house full of love?
  7. What skills do I want to practice?
  8. Where am I currently experiencing friction?
  9. What are 7 ways I might alleviate said friction?
  10. Where am I experiencing flow?
  11. What are 9 ways I might cultivate more said flow?
  12. What looming change am I wilfully ignoring? 
  13. What would happen if I said ‘no’ more?
  14. What would happen if I said ‘yes’ more?
  15. How might I listen more?
  16. How many books do I want to read?
  17. What if I spent less time on social media?
  18. Where can I add more play?
  19. What if I took myself less seriously?
  20. Who do I want to thank?
  21. How might I be more curious?

Wishing all you legends a happy, noodley and safe New Year.

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