A most memorable sticky note

Between 2013-2016 I was one of those people who had sticky notes all over their computer screen.

In fact, to call it a computer screen is probably inaccurate. It was more of a sticky note holder than anything else.

Quotes, reminders, and questions that past me thought would be good to remind future me.

Five years on, in true Dory from Finding Nemo fashion, I’ve forgotten what every single one of them said, with the exception of just one.

Unlike Dory, however, this one didn’t read: P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Instead, it read:


One of my favourite things to do was watch people try and make sense of this sticky.

Some tried to sound it out like a word (AY-IW-TATI?), others thought it was just another corporate acronym and plenty figured I’d finally just lost my mind.

In a way, I guess they were all right.

It is indeed an acronym, one that I still come back to all these years later. AYIWTATI reminds me of this annoyingly brilliant question:

“Are you inventing work to avoid the important?”

Almost every single time I consider this question, the answer is yes, yes I am.

That email I told myself I needed to send, the extra column on the spreadsheet I convinced myself I must add and the latest ‘Which Hogwarts house would you be in?‘ quiz, all inventions to avoid the important work.

What about you? Are you inventing work to avoid the important?