Did you know?

A list of things I like to remind myself of regularly, and a handy resource to boot:

  • People like it when your personality is in your work (ie. more height jokes) – see here and here.
  • You’re not the only one who feels like an imposter – see here.
  • Empathy is a skill that can fundamentally change how you view the world and can be practiced starting right now – see here and here.
  • Acting as if is a powerful mindset technique – see here.
  • Three reasons to share a blog each week are: to practice being uncomfortable, to crystalise your thoughts, and to remind yourself of lessons previously learned – see here.
  • Everyone is making it up as they go – see here.
  • You can make a counter-argument to basically anything. That doesn’t make it right, or you wrong (although it might) – see here.
  • We need to be reminded of the same lessons over and over (things are getting meta now) – see here.
  • The calmest, wisest, and most chill emoji is the turtle – see here.