16 reasons making an arbitrary numbered list is the best way to get unstuck and spark possibility

  1. The first thing that comes to your mind is often predictable and safe
  2. If the current way(s) you were trying to do things was working, you wouldn’t feel stuck
  3. When it comes to creativity, innovation, and leadership, there is no ‘right’ answer
  4. It’s fun to think beyond the obvious
  5. You’ll come up with ridiculous and crazy ideas that make you and others laugh
  6. It’s a way to practice micro-failures
  7. You might coin new terms like micro-failures
  8. Amongst the ridiculous and crazy ideas you might just find some great ideas
  9. You might realise being stuck is a choice
  10. You might realise being stuck is a story you’re telling yourself
  11. You might realise being stuck is annoying
  12. Chances are you’re thinking binary (ie this way or that way)
  13. You might be able to combine multiple ideas into one, like some sort of mad scientist
  14. Wednesday’s Noodle Scratcher asserted it to be true
  15. 16 backwards is 61, which is also an arbitrary number
  16. You can write a blog about it in the form of a meta arbitrary numbered list that you’re not even sure makes sense

Next time you or someone you’re working with feels stuck: pick an arbitrary number and come up with that many ways to get unstuck.

Who knows, maybe unfiltered and unencumbered brainstorming might just become a hobby of yours like it has mine.