Recent reads and listens – November edition

December has somehow snuck up on us and shown all her festive promise which means it’s time to share a hand-picked selection of books and podcasts that made me think, laugh, and do some noodlin’ in November. My hope is they do the same for you:

To hear 6min of audio that might just change your life:

Read the transcript and listen to this clip of Debbie Millman sharing her ’10 year plan for a Remarkable Life’ exercise.

To read a compelling Australian fiction novel on identity, life, and everything in between:

Honeybee – Craig Silvey

To begin wrapping your head around Web3, NFTs and how they might change the world:

Listen to Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant on this podcast.

To learn from one of the most thoughtful trailblazing CEO’s of our time on improving the future of work:

Indra Nooyi being interviewed on this podcast.

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