Who’s on your team?

Michael Jordan didn’t win all those NBA championships in the 90s based on his freakish talent, skill, and dedication alone. He had a team around him that helped set him up for success and create the most successful basketball franchise in the history of the game.

This begs the question: who’s on your team?

For those of you who love specific instructions and details over noodly questions:

  1. Open a blank spreadsheet.
  2. Write “My team” at the top.
  3. In one column: list who’s on your team. These are the kind of people who you can go to and rely on to help with specific things. It might be coaches, teachers, therapists, friends, colleagues, leaders and/or mentors
  4. In another column: list the skills and expertise they can help you with. Are they financial experts? Strength coaches? Feedback givers? Write that down.
  5. Review said list and marvel at all the awesome people you have in your life.
  6. Consider: Where are the gaps?
  7. Get annoyed that I just asked you another noodly question.
  8. Realise that’s why you signed up for this blog in the first place, grab yourself a snack and get curious about how you might fill said gaps.

Go go go.