The pain of not paying attention

Earlier today I almost knocked myself out on a door frame (the joys of being 6″7′).

I was shocked at first, confused about what just happened. Then annoyed at the person who designed and built the door frame this particular height.

Eventually, I came to realise I simply hadn’t been paying attention. I had been lost in thought.

That in order to avoid having a large egg-shaped lump on my cranium all I needed to do was: a) pay attention to my surroundings and b) duck my head.

Reverse engineering this unfortunate incident makes me wonder:

  1. Where are you experiencing the pain of a metaphorical lump on your head?
  2. What weren’t you paying attention to that allowed it to happen? (ie what’s the metaphorical door frame?)
  3. How might you fix it? (ie what’s the equivelant of ducking your head?)

Discomfort can often be avoided if we first pay attention.

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