Why fear explains weird behaviour (like arguing about broccoli)

When trying to make sense of your own behaviour it can be helpful to ask the question “where’s the fear?”

It’s fear that makes us stay up till 11 pm reviewing notes ahead of a big presentation convincing ourselves “I need to practice so that I don’t make any mistakes”.

It’s fear that stops us from committing to a project or job because “what if the grass isn’t greener?”.

It’s fear that explains why you’re arguing with your partner about the size of broccoli florets or the kind of toothpaste you just purchased because you want to feel appreciated (I feel called out).

Fear explains procrastination, perfectionism, and feeling like an imposter.

Fear explains why some people give unsolicited feedback and why it can be so hard to ignore.

Fear is hard-wired into how we behave.

Knowing this, it’s worth cutting ourselves (and others) some slack, especially when it comes to the broccoli florets, which admittedly were far too big for human consumption.