How are we handling?

In New York City there is a recurring gathering between some of the best speech pathologists, laryngologists, and voice teachers in the world.

Each gathering, any number of them will stand up and share with the group a situation where they feel stuck.

For example: “This is a situation I found myself in recently. These are the interventions I’ve tried with the client so far. Nothing is working. I feel stuck. What am I missing?”

Then, the rest of the group shares ideas, questions and insights about the situation from their own perspective.

“Have you thought about this…?”

“What would it look like to try…?”

“This reminds me of another situation, here’s what we did…”

In doing so they cultivate and leverage the collective intelligence of the group to help make them all better and deliver better outcomes for their clients as a result.

In the altMBA we called this #howarewehandling, a dedicated Slack channel where coaches from around the world could share a situation they had that could benefit from other perspectives. After posting in this channel any one coach might get 3, 4, 5 or even 6 others from all corners of the globe chiming in with questions, feedback and insights.

This channel was magic and made us all better, even those who caught up and read the channel after the fact.

I recently shared this with some senior Executives recently and their eyes lit up “WE NEED A CHANNEL LIKE THAT” and off they went and created one. Jen Waldman and I also spoke about it in a recent podcast, and have since been inundated with messages of people wanting to create their own version.

So now, it’s your turn. How might you create a space as generous, insightful and, yes, magical as these?