Dadding and leadership

I’ve had the last 7 weeks off learning to be a dad.

Naturally, this has resulted in a lot of thinking, pondering and questioning, usually at 3am as I bounce up and down at the end of the bed ‘shhhhing’ and gently patting our newborn son back to sleep.

As I emerge from this bubble (in my vomit stained T-shirt and aching right shoulder) it dawns on me that showing up for a newborn requires you to practice and embody the three most important skills of a modern leader: humility, empathy and curiosity.

I am constantly humbled in service of this little squishy human and reminded that I have no idea what I’m doing (and that’s okay). I am seeking to understand and empathise with what might be going on for this tiny creature so that I can best serve him. I am curious every day and trying to figure out what might be the best way to support him and my wife.

It is these same three skills that sit at the heart of the best leaders.

ie: Great leaders have the humility to acknowledge that they don’t know everything, and seek to surround themselves with people and ideas that can help them, they empathise with their people and show up in service to them and they are curious and coach like in the way that they help develop themselves and those around them.

The beauty of these skills is they are choices that we get to make every single day. With that in mind, how might you show up with a little more HEC today?