Deliberate and intentional practice

I recently facilitated a leadership workshop for a room full of senior leaders and was asked: “How do we keep the momentum going beyond today and put the learnings into action?

It’s the right question, because how many workshops have you sat in and nodded along enthusiastically, excited that you’re going to be a different leader tomorrow, only to get back to your desk the next day and continue to do what you’ve always done and be surprised that nothing changed? Hundreds? Me too.

The answer to the question is the title of this blog post. Deliberate and intentional practice. It’s simple but not easy. Simple because we’ve done it hundreds of times in other contexts, and not easy because it requires effort, time and permission.

Leadership is a skill and a choice. And like any skill, it’s difficult to get better at it unless we deliberately and intentionally make time to practice, experiment, make mistakes and learn.

So, the noodle to ponder is: how will you deliberately and intentionally practice being a leader this week?