Hiding behind comparisons

When’s the last time you compared yourself to someone else?

Or more specifically: when’s the last time you compared a project you had in mind to someone else’s project and then gave up because it became overwhelming?

If you’re anything like me, this was yesterday.

We think: “Maybe I’ll start doing Vlogs”, then look at Casey Neistat’s Youtube channel and promptly put our 2012 GoPro back in the cupboard.

We think: “Maybe I’ll start a podcast”, then listen to the latest Gimlet media series and decide that without a fully staffed editing team, there’s really no point.

Or we think: “Maybe I’ll start going to the gym” and then see a trailer for the latest Crossfit documentary and grab a bag of popcorn instead.

We compare ourselves at the start of a project to someone else in the middle or at the end of their project.

It’s an illogical and unfair comparison.

Of course, Casey’s YouTube videos are better than yours, he’s been uploading them since 2010.

Of course, Gimlet’s podcast will be better produced than yours, they’ve been releasing podcasts as a fully-fledged media company since 2016.

Of course, the Crossfit games athletes look fitter than you, they’ve spent years trying to be the fittest human on the planet.

These comparisons limit our ability to start new projects and respond to new opportunities. They’re a way of hiding behind and justifying inaction.

What if instead, we gave ourselves permission to be at the start?