Why is unencumbered thinking limited to just 5min a day?

Are you someone whose best ideas come to them in the shower?

You’ll be rinsing off and suddenly the answer to that problem you’ve been working on appears in your head.

Or an idea for a new product/service.

Or you remember you forgot to put the bins out.

Or you’ll realise you spent the day calling the new guy at work Mark when his name is actually Mike.

That moment you realise you called Mike, Mark

We’ve all been there.

So what is it about the shower that makes it such a productive thinking space? A place where our neurons seem to fire like nowhere else? I mean, it’s basically just a wet phone box.

Is it the hot water? The nudity? The gentle hum of the overhead fan?

I think it’s a lot simpler than that.

Where else in your day do you take 5 minutes to stop what you’re doing, stand in silence with no distractions and just think?

In a world of connection, instant gratification and constant noise, just making time to think is not something we prioritise.

So what would it look like if we did?

How might we deliberately create time and space to pause and listen to our own thoughts?