Walking flaws

I’m a walking flaw.

I struggle to plan ahead.

I check my phone too much. 

I overthink decisions (and blog posts like this one). 

I lose stuff all the time… even my car once (seriously). 

I have a terrible posture. 

I’m unable to stay awake past 9.30pm. 

I could go on…

And yet, it turns out everyone we’ve ever looked up to and admired is a walking flaw, too.

Take, for example:

Belinda Gates who keeps a list of things she’s working on improving (as does her husband, Bill).

Brene Brown who has spoken about and written at length about her constant battle with perfectionism.

Seth Godin, who has spoken about using email as a means of procrastination and hiding.

Bruce Springsteen, who has struggled with depression and alcoholism.

Every professional sportsperson ever, who has some sort of weakness in their game.

So, yeah, I’m a walking flaw. So are you and so is everyone else.

What if we stopped pretending like we weren’t?