The truth about inspiration…

It’s fickle and can’t be relied on. 

Better to have a process for your work instead. 

One that you can rely on and refine, especially when things get hard. 


The train driver. She doesn’t sit around scrolling Instagram waiting for an inspirational quote/video to pop up to start her journey, she hops in the cabin and follows the process.

The Broadway star. She doesn’t sit backstage twiddling her thumbs lamenting a lack of inspiration, she trusts she’s put in the work, steps on stage and follows her process. 

The surgeon. She doesn’t stand in the operating theatre hoping to feel inspired before starting, she grabs the scalpel and gets to work. 

Inspiration is a nice to have. It’s the unexpected tail-wind that can provide a boost to propel you forward.

Processes are a must have. They get you through a head-wind and allow you to consistently create change. 

What do your processes look like?

As good a process as any (courtesy of Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash)