The thing about growing pains

Is that no-one prepares you for them. 

Take me, for example (I should know, I’m 6″7). Back pain, shin splints and sore hips were all part of the deal.

I didn’t have experience being tall. There was no qualification and no-one gave me permission.

Instead, I was told to just embrace it. That it’s a good thing. That people would KILL to be tall. I was forced to adapt. 

And so, I did (sort of… I mean, let’s be real, I’m still pretty uncoordinated).

And what I realise now, is that this lesson was profoundly wise. 

That the same is true of creative work.

Only, instead of back pain we experience imposter syndrome.

Instead of shin splints, we experience doubt and insecurity.

And instead of sore hips, we experience fear of other peoples opinions.

The opportunity then is to recognise these as growing pains, realise they’re necessary and consider: how might we adapt?