Nine more reframes to noodle on

How we frame things goes a long way to determining how we navigate and feel about them.

I recently wrote about An alternative to “hustle and grind” and A replacement for the word “but”.

Here are nine others to noodle on:

  1. Instead of pitching at clients, what if we sought to understand them?
  2. Instead of dealing with a customer, what if we generously serve them?
  3. Instead of winning a client, what if we agreed to collaborate
  4. Instead of do you need help?, what about how can I support?
  5. Instead of obstacles, what about opportunities
  6. Instead of no because, what about can if?
  7. Instead of crushing fears, what if we danced with them? 
  8. Instead of boundaries, what about assets?
  9. Instead of suffering imposter syndrome, what if we experienced it?