Places empathy hides

  • In marketing a product or service
  • In selling anything to anyone
  • In giving and receiving feedback
  • In coaching leaders, teams or sports
  • In social change
  • In global pandemics
  • In love and relationships
  • In leading a team, business or movement
  • In negotiating a deal
  • In making a diagnoses
  • In yoga
  • In nursing
  • In school
  • In the gym
  • In design
  • In the Arts
  • In family
  • In business

Empathy hides anywhere there’s a need for connection because in order to connect we must feel seen, heard and understood (see also).

That’s why empathy might just be the most important human skill for anyone to practice. More important than the latest synchronised TikTok dance.

It’s a skill that can be honed every single day.

We can start by calling ourselves out of hiding and into a posture of connection by asking one person: What’s it like to be you right now?

Then patiently, generously and curiously holding space.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash