Recent reads and listens – March edition

G’day, curious legend.

Somehow we’ve made our way to the end of March which means it’s time for me to send you a small collection of books and podcasts that might provoke some noodling for you over the next month.

If you ever find yourself wondering what it means to be a good human (but like, in a funny way):

How to Be Perfect by Michael Schur (creator of The Good Place and co-creator of Parks and Recreation) is a hilarious guide to moral philosophy sure to make you think.

If you’re stuck in a rut:

Awareness by Anthony De Mello might just make you question everything (in a good way).

If you’re curious or scared about what the future might hold:

Me too. You MUST listen to this interview with Jane McGonigal.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking about regrets:

Don’t miss this interview with Brené Brown and Dan Pink.

In the meantime, keep being awesome.