Action creates information

A few weeks ago my wife asked me to decide where we should go for dinner for an upcoming weekend. Naturally, I proceeded to research 17 options doing a deep dive on their websites, Instagram accounts, Google reviews, Uber Eats offering and any news articles written about them.

I got the list down to 3 options which I proudly shared with her, along with the question: “which would you like to go to?”

Her response was swift and fair: “whichever one you decide.”

Ouch. Here I was poked right in the metaphorical eye. You see the task wasn’t to spend as much time as possible shortlisting options only to defer the decision to her. The task was simply to make a decision. ANY decision.

This has me pondering where else deferring and lack of decisiveness is showing up in my life. Consider: where am I hiding in inaction? In telling myself story that I need to “collect more info”? Or “just be patient”?

What if instead, I took action? What might I learn? What might I gain? What’s the worst that can happen?

For the record, I picked the Italian option (obviously) and it was an absolute winner.