A strategy for growing your business/career

A friend recently shared she was hired to run a full-day workshop by a CEO she’d never met. There was no direct marketing campaign, exhaustive pitch or 67-page proposal document.

The CEO contacted her because:

a) she’d heard good things from another CEO who had been “delighted” by their work together and;

b) she listened to some episodes of my friend’s podcast (from 2 years ago) and loved them

I share this story because it highlights two of the most impactful questions I’ve come across when seeking to grow one’s business/career:

  1. Who are you delighting? and;
  2. What habits are you practising that will benefit your future self?

It’s easy to think you need to post more on Instagram, change your LinkedIn profile photo or design a new pitch document, but it might be far more impactful to focus on delighting your current clients and timelessly adding value.