The dreaded ‘G’ word

Goal setting.

It’s one of the least sexy, uninspiring and eye-roll-inducing topics one could write about.

And yet here we are.

Alas, I don’t want to bore you with details around goal setting. Or hit you with the latest ‘7 point plan to smashing your goals out of the ballpark.’

Instead, I merely want to pose an alternative view.

What if the goal wasn’t the point? What if the process of setting a goal was the point?

You see, good goal setting frameworks all include the same thing.

Essentially you must decide the goal, including a deadline, list why it’s important, identify who can help you achieve it and the obstacles you’ll need to overcome and include an action plan on how to get there.

Therefore, in the process of setting a goal, we must:

  • Focus only on things we can control
  • Be clear on the intention (the why) of things we allocate our time to
  • Realise that most obstacles are either self-imposed or easily overcome by involving people within our network
  • Uncover the 20% of things that will make 80% of the difference

The actual goal is almost moot.

The process is the important part.