What if imposter syndrome is a good thing?

You know the voice that creeps into your head right before you’re about to try something for the first time?

“Who am I to do this?!”
“I don’t deserve to be here.”
“What was I thinking?”

Imposter syndrome.

It’s universal and has negative connotations, often throwing us into a spiral of doubt and inaction. 

And yet, what if it were a good thing?

When trying something that’s never been done before (by us, or at all) then we are imposters, aren’t we?

So what? Isn’t that what it means to live with a growth mindset? To try things you’re not qualified to do? 

Anyone who’s ever created anything new, done something remarkable or stood up to create change was an imposter at the start.

Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and this parrot here, all imposters.

This parrot is embracing her inner imposter

The difference then, between great leaders (and parrots) and those with a fixed mindset? They seek out their imposter,

Instead of hiding from the voice, they intentionally listen for it.

Instead of running away from the bang, they run towards it.

What would it look like for you and I to do the same?

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