Noticing and improving

In order to improve anything, one must first notice.

For example:

I used to sit at a desk all day until I noticed back and shoulder pain and a posture that resembled a Disney Character from Notre Dame.

I thought about it and went and got a wireless keyboard, mouse and monitor.

That worked well for a while until I noticed that doing so much sitting made me tired and lethargic.

So I made a standing desk.

This has been a game-changer until one day I noticed standing all day was starting to give me sore feet.

Now I rotate between sitting and standing.

On and on it goes.

Enhancements, improvements and iterations are available for us to make things better.

The key is to first observe and notice.

Consider this question fork (that’s right I’m bringing back the cutlery post):

  • What’s not working for me right now?
  • Where are my pain points?
  • Where do I experience friction?

Then: Which of these are worth improving?